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Charm Taihu Lakeside New District

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Suzhou Wuzhong      Suzhou, China

Taihu New Town residential housing group Project

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The plots of land located in Wu Lake Park, part of the Government's focus on building the 21st Century Suzhou livable, ecological, green landscape lakeside town. Lot east ofTaihu Lake, west nursery school (planning), north AEON city, south Tande residential land, the future is a complete set of core strengths of the project. Land surroundingroad access, close friends of the new overhead, travel convenience.
G-23 plots located in the East Wing Wong Road northbound, Yau Cheung, the land area of 62,086.3 square meters, the volume rate of 2.5, total capacity can be built on an area of 155,215.75 square meters, nature of land for residential land, building height limit of 100 meters. The land will target just need to retrofit and the first customer for the main consumer group, combined Taihu Lake and the surrounding landscape resources to improve facilities, build quality communities.
As of 2015, the early days of the approval of the project reported that construction work has basically been completed, now currently under construction pile began to get nervous, the first listing is expected to be available before or after the end of 2015.


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