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Kolin Township Project

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The origin of the town of Kolin, from renowned Chinese urban complex brand - Coastal City Group start. Coastal Group, as a good urban complex construction operations experts, after twenty years of development, the growth of domestic well-known urban complex development operations, the successful development and operation of several cities coastal city of Shenzhen, Wuxi City and other coastal complex.
In a number of cities on the successful operation of complex empirical basis, focusing on the promising future of the Internet business, with a new concept of operations, to the young consumer groups, in Suzhou Wuzhong District to build a total construction area of ​​about 260000, business center area Articles of the Suburban about 12 new commercial Internet era body - Kolin town, set retail, boutique supermarket, catering, fashion and entertainment, high-end theater, children's playground, and other commercial activities in one, and the build Coast Group brand new product, fully open China's urban commercial facilities to upgrade the road green.
Kolin town green departure from the basement to take no architectural concept, cost of funds, while advocating the integration of architectural decoration, building materials and reduce cost. Kolin town green, ecological, low-carbon, intelligent four idea-driven, create a set of indoor ecosystems, in-room entertainment system, green ecosystems, green living system, no border shopping system, membership points system and other innovative green concept in a shopping park.
As of May 2015, pre-construction planning, which is expected in June will report on research programs.