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East China Normal University Elementary School

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An 8-track system of public primary schools and public kindergartens, land size 48789.3㎡, with a total construction area 56741.31㎡. Construction site located in SuzhouTaihu New Town promoter region, north to sub-text Street, south five Lake, on the west side neighborhood fairy play Street, east to the mountain even column. Compactvenue layout, respectively, by 1 # Technology Experience Center building, teaching building # 2 grades, # 3 courses floor, high school teaching building # 4, # 5 coursesfloor, low-grade classroom building 6 # 7 # Activity Center House, 8 # restaurant floor components. Site east, north, each has provided a venue entrance. The estimated totalinvestment of about 360 million yuan. Plan in September 2017 officially enrollment.

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