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District Commission for Discipline Inspection to monitor the room to go to Lake Park construction project inspection

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Recently, Wuzhong District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee Wu Rong, Zhou Xiaofeng, director of the second line of discipline inspection and supervision Lake Park went to inspect construction projects. Lake Park Ji committee secretary Xu Ling, deputy director of Jin Jianfeng accompanied.
Inspection team heard the Wu Group, reporting consistent stone two BT unit project leader for the implementation of their engineering organizations, examined the BT unit daily ledger, payment vouchers for projects, meeting minutes and other related information, after field verification of the construction and supervision units responsible for performance of their duties, in the post situation. Check the group pointed out that the results of this inspection, the overall situation is good, the construction schedule, construction quality and safety can be guaranteed, but in engineering management data compilation, project construction and supervision units responsible for attendance and other aspects of the project to be further strengthened.
Wu Rong Standing Committee concluded that the Taihu New City construction projects large-scale, large capital investment, construction of the relevant units should conscientiously implement the provisions of the construction projects, strict engineering quality, safety off, off schedule, it is necessary to create fine quality works, but also to create a clean project, the presence of problems and shortcomings, the timely development of appropriate corrective measures to ensure quality and efficient completion of the project.