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Suzhou Taihu New City public elementary school started soon

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Suzhou Taihu New City public elementary school is one of the most important supporting project Taihu New City construction and development process, the project site is located in the Suzhou Taihu New Town start area, north to the sub-Man Street, South Lake Road, west of Seven Water Street neighborhood , east of Swan Road. The construction includes 8-track 48 class (class 46) of the three school buildings, two professional buildings, a main administrative, student cafeteria, activity centers, with a totalconstruction area of 56,000 square meters (including underground parking Parents Staff) It can accommodate more than 2,800 faculty use. Underground garage of about18,000 square meters, accommodating 407 vehicles bits.
Currently, the project has been completed the project, the EIA and other preliminary work, entered the planning stage of publicity, is expected to start construction in the second half, built by the end of 17, 18 years in use. After construction projects into the lead in providing the highest quality of teaching in public support for the firstresidents settled in Lake Park.