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Charm Taihu Lakeside New District

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Suzhou Wuzhong      Suzhou, China

Charm Taihu Lakeside New District

Suzhou Wuzhong Suzhou Taihu New City in the southern, south of Taihu Lake water, backed by the Seven Mountains, is an important part of Suzhou, "a nuclear power plant city" urban development strategy, but also into the development direction of Wuzhong 'Lake Era "strategy. Wuzhong, Suzhou Taihu New City planning area of ​​30 square kilometers of land, start planning area of ​​10 square kilometers, since the end of 2011 to start the planning and construction, Taihu New City after adhering to the "first plan after construction, after the first underground ground after the first eco-format, first supporting Living concept, a clear ecological for the soul, the body of wisdom for the development strategy, will be high-end modern service industry as the leading creative industries and innovation, focusing on the development of education and training, the future of 

housing, tourism, cultural and creative, commercial trade, health medical and financial innovation focus city emerging industries, build a world-class gateway to the Lake District town. Currently, regional planning Wuzhong Taihu New City to achieve full coverage, is comprehensively promote the construction of new city infrastructure and the environment, the basic realization of the promoter region road network forming, the color of the environment grand scene, Aeon Green basic road and environmental construction basically completed and put into use, commercial complexes, recreational facilities have been opened its doors, has become a good place for public recreation, entertainment .RBD underground space Swan Harbor Swan Lake Park, Seven Water Street and other key supporting projects is accelerating, Doubletree Business Plaza, energy centers, lumber village resettlement areas, schools, hospitals, commercial complexes and other public service facilities are also expected to start construction , Wu Lake Park has successfully create a national intelligence pilot cities and provincial building energy efficiency and green building demonstration area, the first batch of land have been successfully listed, by a high-quality real estate company's favor.
      The next phase, Wu Lake Park will be based on the completion of the construction of infrastructure and the environment, and actively with the United States Houghton Group and Intime Group, Fosun Group and other international and domestic first-class enterprises to discuss deeper cooperation, promoting high-end modern service industry projects landing promote Wu Lake Park morphology, ecology, format, the text states, "four-state one" coordinated integration and development, has become Suzhou new urbanization and modernization of the demonstration, service creation and transformation and upgrading of the sample, livable and cultural heritage model.