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Charm Taihu Lakeside New District

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Suzhou Wuzhong      Suzhou, China

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Taihu Lakeside New District Street View

District Commission for Discipline Inspection to monitor the room to go to Lake Park construction project inspection
Suzhou Taihu New City public elementary school started soon
Strengthening theoretical study enhance the overall quality - Wu Lake Park 2015 year class talent to enhance the successful conc

Suzhou Taihu New City is an important part of the municipal government, "a nuclear power plant city" urban development strategy, also in Suzhou towards' Lake Times "an important opportunity to seize the Yangtze River Delta, Suzhou is building a world-class city group, to

Physical Geography


Swan Lake Park

Qizishui Street

Yilin Business Plaza Office Building

Underground space in the core area of Taihu New City - Progress




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